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Removing water from affected areas

Cleaning Up the Water

Water Restoration Services

Our team works quickly and thoroughly to remove the water from your home, including carpets. We expertly remove water from soaked flooring using portable vacuums. Our SERVPRO of Sunnyvale North are trained to use this equipment to get the job done as quickly as possible. Trust our team at SERVPRO of Sunnyvale North after water damage

Protective layering on frequent foot traffic areas

Protecting Your Home

Trust Our Team

When your home suffers any property damage, SERVPRO of Sunnyvale North is here to help! We understand that sometimes only certain parts of your home are affected. That's why we make sure to protect the other areas of your home that aren't affected by the damages. In frequent foot traffic areas, we put down a plastic protective layer to keep your home clean and safe

SERVPRO employee setting up equipment

Setting Up the Equipment

We're Precise

Our team at SERVPRO of Sunnyvale North is trained to handle any type of water damage situation. Our employees inspect the property to begin. Once they know where the damages are, they place air movers in specific spots to promote thorough air flow to the affected areas. 

SERVPRO equipment at work in damaged area

Mold and Water Damages

How We Can Help

SERVPRO of Sunnyvale North was called to a home near our offices after they discovered a pipe leak caused significant water damage and mold infestation

We got to work quickly, removing standing water and bringing in our SERVPRO equipment. The equipment pictured helps keep moisture levels stable during restoration.